Is Laser Hair Removal Painful?

No. The lasers we use are painless. However, you may experience some discomfort that could be described like a rubber band being snapped against your skin. Most find the experience to be tolerable.

Will The Hair Grow Back?

Unfortunately, laser hair removal is not a long-term solution. However, it will provide long-term hair reduction with up to 80% thinning, and most patients experience their hair growing back lighter and softer. Some will need to occasionally come back for maintenance procedures to maintain their results.

What Are The Advantages Of Laser Hair Removal?

Many are choosing laser hair removal because it is a fast, painless way to get rid of unwanted hair. When you opt for this cosmetic procedure, you may experience:

Saving Money

When you choose laser hair removal you can say goodbye to expensive waxing appointments, having to buy razors, creams, and other products. Though laser hair removal sometimes requires an upfront investment, over time it can save money.

More Time

If you are always running late because of shaving or taking longer showers, laser hair removal can help you save time.

No More In-Grown Hairs

In-grown hairs are annoying, unsightly, and can be painful. With laser hair removal, you no longer have to deal with this nuisance. No more razor burns or irritating bumps!

No More Waiting For Hair To Grow

Waiting for hair to grow between waxing appointments is annoying and can make anyone self-conscious. With laser hair removal, you are encouraged to shave right before your appointment. This allows you to enjoy being hair-free while your treatment is taking full effect.

Precise Treatment

Laser hair removal is also precise. Because we use the most advanced technology available for your procedure, we can exactly target the area of unwanted hair to give you the best results possible.

Fast & No Down-Time

Laser hair removal is a fast procedure. You can get your treatment done over a long lunch and return to work. Additionally, you should see results within a few weeks — while enjoying not having to shave or wax.

Upfront Expense

Laser hair removal may cost more than your average waxing appointment, however, you will see the amazing, money-saving benefits over time.

How long until I see results?

Unfortunately, you will not see results the next day. Over the next few weeks after your treatment, the targeted hair follicles will die and fall out. Keep in mind that depending on the thickness of the hair being targeted, you may need several sessions to achieve your maximum result.

My skin changed color after laser hair removal. Is this normal?

You may experience some temporary pigmentation changes. Lighter skin may darken, whereas darker skin tones may see some lightening. Changes in pigmentation should resolve quickly.

Can I get laser hair removal everywhere?

Laser hair removal works best on dark hair against light skin but may not be as effective for fine peach fuzz and may require more sessions. We can not treat eyebrows, genitals, or men’s facial hair.

Does laser hair removal cause cancer?

The light energy generated by the laser hair removal equipment used is not strong enough to affect cells on a molecular level, therefore, it cannot cause skin cell mutations. Laser hair removal is a safe, non-invasive treatment that does not damage the skin in the area being treated.

Can laser hair removal cause infertility?

No, it cannot. The laser used is just strong enough to destroy the hair follicles, however, it is not strong enough to harm your skin or other tissues — it can not cause cellular mutations or change DNA. It cannot pass through the layers of tissue that make up the abdominal wall. However, we do not suggest getting laser hair removal while pregnant or if you are trying to become pregnant as there is not enough research about laser hair removal during pregnancy.

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