Considering dermal fillers to enhance your facial contours and rejuvenate your appearance? You first need to understand the entire process. This detailed guide offers insights into what you can expect before, during, and after your dermal filler procedure, designed for clients at Michigan Cosmetic Surgery in Detroit and Southfield, MI.

Before the Procedure

1. Consultation and Personalized Planning
Your experience begins with a consultation with us, where a specialist will discuss your concerns and goals, and examine your facial structure. This conversation will set the tone for a tailored treatment plan that targets specific areas you mentioned or we’ve observed. It’s also the perfect opportunity to ask about the different types of injectable dermal fillers available and the results you might expect.

2. Preparing for Your Treatment
To maximize results and minimize risks, you may be advised to avoid certain medications and supplements like aspirin, ibuprofen, and fish oil, which can increase bleeding and bruising risks. It’s also recommended to limit alcohol intake a few days before the procedure to ensure a smoother recovery.

During the Procedure

1. The Treatment Experience
Our dermal filler treatments are quick and efficient, generally taking about 30 minutes but not more than an hour. We first apply numbing cream onto the target area before we inject the filler into targeted areas using a fine needle–designed to restore volume or smooth out lines effectively. Through this process, you won’t feel any pain, but we do have other anesthetic options available should need them.

2. Almost Immediate Results
One of the standout features of dermal fillers is how fast the results appear. Right after the injections, you will notice a few changes. Whether it’s achieving fuller lips, plumper cheeks, or softened lines and wrinkles, the changes are immediately noticeable, so you feel refreshed and revitalized after the treatment.

After the Procedure

1. Post-Treatment Care and Recovery
You might experience some swelling, redness, or bruising at the injection sites, which are generally mild and disappear within a few days. Ice packs can help reduce swelling, and it’s best to keep your head raised. Avoid strenuous activities and direct exposure to heat or sunlight during the first 24 hours to facilitate recovery.

2. Enjoying Long-Term Results
The durability of dermal fillers varies depending on the type used and the treated area, with results typically lasting from six months to two years. Regular follow-up sessions can be planned, depending on our advice, to maintain your look.

3. Ongoing Care and Adjustments
We may recommend follow-up appointments to evaluate the results and decide if additional adjustments are necessary. We at Michigan Cosmetic Surgery ensure that your enhancements blend gracefully with your natural aging process, allowing for timely adjustments and consistent care.


Dermal fillers at Michigan Cosmetic Surgery offer a secure, effective path to enhancing your natural beauty with minimal interruption to your daily life. By understanding the full scope of the procedure, you are well-prepared and informed for every step of the treatment.

Contact Michigan Cosmetic Surgery today to book your consultation in Detroit or Southfield, MI, and take the first step towards achieving your cosmetic aspirations with expert care.

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