Dr. Beauty is a multidisciplinary medical spa specializing in regenerative treatments, natural beautification, and cosmetic surgery. We guarantee a luxurious, safe, and cosmetically excellent experience from start to finish. We blend the relaxing components of a quintessential spa day with the acute detail to safety found in a doctor’s practice and offer specialized treatments for facial and body conditions.

Face Treatments

Dr. Beauty offers the most elite technologies, regenerative treatments, and cosmetic surgery to erase signs of facial aging and enhance the natural beauty of your face.

Body Treatments

Our specialists perform both surgical, non-surgical, and regenerative body treatments to reverse signs of aging, contour, smooth, and rejuvenate your body to a more youthful profile and appearance.

Regenerative Treatments

Dr. Beauty specializes in the latest non-invasive regenerative treatments for facial restoration, body sculpture, and hair rejuvenation. Our regenerative treatments use the body’s natural healing proponents to repair, replace, and regenerate damaged cells in the body.